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The Market People

Logo / Website / Posters / Business Stationery

My design, editorial and project management services were recommended to the creators behind The Market People - an exciting new initiative aimed at overhauling the outdated UK street market planning and booking system - to guide the visual development of the project.

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The Market People was a vast project extending over several years, and my extensive involvement included designing a logo and complete brand ID, and applying and managing the application of the brand across a wide range of products and materials as the project developed and increased in scope. This included the front-end visuals and build for the project's events promotion, regulation and bookings website, and a secure backend dashboard admin system for users. I designed everything from exhibition stands to prospectus brochures, promotional leaflets and flyers, icon illustrations, member information and identification materials, branded clothing, and much more. I also generated most of the editorial content for the project, and was the main English language editor for both the website and the official project marketing and documentation.

What The Client Said

Steve joined our development team fairly late on in the process, but it's clear that his hard work, creativity, dedication and considered advice allowed us take the project in directions we hadn't even considered at the outset. He augmented and improved the team, and although working remotely, he slotted in seamlessly alongside our exisitng team members. I recommend Steve to anyone who needs a quality web design professional.
Philippe Basset, MD, The Market People

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