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Extended support for DIY website building tools

So you've opted to use a DIY website building service. Great choice, but if you need any help setting it up…

Why use a website building tool?

Many small business owners prefer to avoid the hassle and cost of setting up a completely bespoke website and opt instead for one of the drag-and-drop, template-based website building services like Wix, SquareSpace or Wordpress (there are others, but these are the most popular). These services can be great because they offer a choice of pre-designed templates and the ability to drag-and-drop page elements to build your own website without any technical knowledge of coding or web design.

What can go wrong?

There are significant pros and cons with this method of building a website. And because they tend to charge a monthly subscription fee, although they can seem cheaper than paying a web designer at first, over time they often eventually prove to be more expensive than paying a web designer a fixed, one-off fee for a bespoke design.

And because these services are often based on users selecting from a fixed range of pre-designed templates, your DIY website will often look very similar to a lot of other websites out there!

How I can help

Building an effective and sucessful business website can be a tricky and fiddly business, so although Wix and Squarespace are meant to be easy to use, it's still easy to get stuck and need expert help, so I do offer technical support for any Wix, SquareSpace or Wordpress website owners who need help with the fiddlier bits.

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What My Clients Say

When I have found it necessary to contact Steve for help his response is almost immediate and he will confirm as soon as the task has been completed. I am completely happy with the work Steve have carried out to date - I would highly recommend him. I will continue to liaise with Steve for the foreseeable future.
Denise Renna, Saint David's House